SKY MIND for Teens

Level: Certificate

SKY MIND for Teens is a soft-skill mastery and personal development course specifically designed for empowering teens aged 13-18 and helping them build vital skill sets in order for them to thrive and succeed in the modern world.


12 Weeks (3 Hours per Week)


Blended Learning (Face-to-Face and Online Learning) 


Skills Certificate upon completion

This course is designed for teens who experience…

This course is designed for teens who experience…

Trainer’s Profile

Trainers Profile

Dr. Ranjit Malhi

Soft-Skills and Self-Esteem

Virginia Kennedy

Communication and Creative Expressions

Vassos Constantinou

Personal Coaching and Development

Course Modules

Course Modules




Positive Self-Presentation

Mastering Human Relations

Art of Communication

Leadership and Teamwork

Higher Order Thinking Skills

Effective Problem Solver

High Achiever Mindset

Creative Expression

Student’s Transformation

Student’s Transformation

Features of Program

Features of Program

  • Instructional Work Book
  • Weekly Missions
  • Competency-Based Learning Approach
  • Mobile Learning and Digital Learning Assets
  • Music and Performing Art Modules
  • Activity Based Modules
  • Real-World Learning Scenarios and Assessments
  • Indoor and Outdoor Learning Environments

Join Us Today!

Join Us Today!

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