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Level: Professional Certificate 

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This programme is designed for students who need to learn and improve their English language skills for general use. Group sizes are small, so joining a class here is about participating. The programme is lively and fun.

Contact Hours:
Three (3) Hours per Day; Five (5) Days a Week

Delivery Method:
Blended Learning (Face-to-Face and Online Learning) 

Certificate of Completion

Career pathways

A Certificate in Food and Beverage will open doors to a wide variety of career options that deliver the excitement and potential of employment in one of the world’s largest industries. Our graduates are given the opportunity to enhance their classroom experience with an internship while pursuing the programme. This experiential learning opportunity has a proven track record as being the greatest path to employment and early career success in the food and beverage industry.


Program pathways

If you choose to defer employment, you could continue to advance your skills through the various pathways that we have. One option is to top-up your certificate with our Australian academic partner, Everest Institute and continue on your journey to an Australian recognition.

Otherwise, choose to complete our other certifications to accumulate your skills training and convert it into a Diploma qualification.

This course is designed for learners…

Trainers Profile

Dr. Ranjit Malhi

Soft-Skills and Self-Esteem

Virginia Kennedy

Communication and Creative Expressions

Kogge Muniandy

Personal Development for Children

Course Modules

  • Food and Beverage Services
    Equip yourself with industry standard knowledge and skills to provide guests with the highest dining service quality.

  • Grooming, Hygiene and Safety
    Practice excellent personal grooming, food hygiene and workplace safety skills to stand out with a pleasant disposition when you are on the job.

  • Barista and Bar Services
    Pick up invaluable tools of the trade by mastering barista and bar tending skills.

  • Hospitality English
    Communicate with guests, colleagues and upper-management with unrivalled confidence and flair.

  • On-the-Job Training
    Get a 6-month hands-on industry training in a bar, café, fine-dining restaurant, clubhouse eatery or hotel banquet restaurant. You will be paid a monthly allowance, and provided with accommodation, on-duty meals and uniform.

Student’s Transformation

Features of Program

  • Instructional Work Book
  • Weekly Missions
  • Competency-Based Learning Approach
  • Mobile Learning and Digital Learning Assets
  • Music and Performing Art Modules
  • Activity Based Bodules
  • Real-World Learning Scenarios and Assessments
  • Indoor and Outdoor Learning Environments

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